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Anna Stepanova 2021-06-07 / 13:31 Faculty member อาจารย์ There is a big glass in the hallway of our office for some reason. Hazard!!! Please remove.
Anna Stepanova 2021-06-01 / 11:55 Faculty member อาจารย์ Office printer needs to be connected. Thank you!
Anna Stepanova 2021-06-01 / 11:54 Faculty member อาจารย์ Office AC is not working 100% as before.
Yanhong Mu 2020-09-01 / 12:52 Faculty member อาจารย์ Please change a new projector. The old one isn't working. I really need it. Thanks a million! Completed
Anna Stepanova 2020-08-27 / 08:10 Faculty member อาจารย์ No sound via MT. Oversea online students can not hear me. Camera on the computer looks like working. *Sometimes it is found that webcam is disconnected completely.
Mu Yanhong 2020-08-24 / 15:03 Faculty member อาจารย์ 1. The telephone isn't working in my office. 2. I cannot sign in my computer. Thank you. Completed
Anna Stepanova 2020-08-24 / 08:19 Faculty member อาจารย์ 1. The remote control from the projector is missing.2.Computer is screen in blur.Thank you! Completed
Anna Stepanova 2020-06-01 / 14:09 Faculty member อาจารย์ Air con is not working properly i.e the air is not cold.
Mu Yanhong 2020-01-07 / 15:55 Faculty member อาจารย์ Please help me replace the printer ink ASAP kha. Thanks a million!
Don 2019-10-10 / 11:46 Faculty member อาจารย์ telephone (no dial tone) Completed
Anna Stepanova 2019-08-15 / 09:23 Faculty member อาจารย์ *Please connect computer and printer.Thank you! Completed
Anna Stepanova 2019-08-15 / 09:20 Faculty member อาจารย์ *Please remove old blinds as it is dusty. **Broken table + 3 glass pieces on the floor to be removed if possible. Completed
Andris Adhitra 2019-08-07 / 19:54 Faculty member อาจารย์ 1. Missing the chair2. Window blind isn't work Completed
Andris adhitra 2019-08-07 / 19:53 Faculty member อาจารย์ Air conditioner doesn't work Completed
Andris Adhitra 2019-08-07 / 19:51 Faculty member อาจารย์ 1. My room is dusty, most from the building materials. It stuck to the printer2. The room are smelly and heavy on dust partikel. Please use humidifier to make it livable Completed