Name-Surname Date and Time  Position  Delail of Repair Item(s)  Status Update  Detail of Status Update
Michael Brückner 2022-08-03 / 09:58 Faculty member อาจารย์ The screen in Room 308 is up at the ceiling. The projector projects at the whiteboard, which is difficult to read for the students.
Yanhong 2022-07-01 / 14:34 Faculty member อาจารย์ The main air-conditioner in the front is needed to get fixed. The water is dropping down all the time when the air-con is on.
Mu Yanhong 0000-00-00 / 11:08 Faculty member อาจารย์ I cannot edit my post on the MS Teams. Please give me a help. Thank you.
Anna Stepanova 2021-06-07 / 13:31 Faculty member อาจารย์ There is a big glass in the hallway of our office for some reason. Hazard!!! Please remove.
Anna Stepanova 2021-06-01 / 11:55 Faculty member อาจารย์ Office printer needs to be connected. Thank you!
Anna Stepanova 2021-06-01 / 11:54 Faculty member อาจารย์ Office AC is not working 100% as before.
Yanhong Mu 2020-09-01 / 12:52 Faculty member อาจารย์ Please change a new projector. The old one isn't working. I really need it. Thanks a million! Completed
Anna Stepanova 2020-08-27 / 08:10 Faculty member อาจารย์ No sound via MT. Oversea online students can not hear me. Camera on the computer looks like working. *Sometimes it is found that webcam is disconnected completely.
Mu Yanhong 2020-08-24 / 15:03 Faculty member อาจารย์ 1. The telephone isn't working in my office. 2. I cannot sign in my computer. Thank you. Completed
Anna Stepanova 2020-08-24 / 08:19 Faculty member อาจารย์ 1. The remote control from the projector is missing.2.Computer is screen in blur.Thank you! Completed
Anna Stepanova 2020-06-01 / 14:09 Faculty member อาจารย์ Air con is not working properly i.e the air is not cold.
Mu Yanhong 2020-01-07 / 15:55 Faculty member อาจารย์ Please help me replace the printer ink ASAP kha. Thanks a million!
Don 2019-10-10 / 11:46 Faculty member อาจารย์ telephone (no dial tone) Completed
Anna Stepanova 2019-08-15 / 09:23 Faculty member อาจารย์ *Please connect computer and printer.Thank you! Completed
Anna Stepanova 2019-08-15 / 09:20 Faculty member อาจารย์ *Please remove old blinds as it is dusty. **Broken table + 3 glass pieces on the floor to be removed if possible. Completed